Saturday, December 09, 2006

Transfer Printing 2

Still playing with the transfer paper, and making more samples for my ‘Transforming with Media’ exercise in Module 1.

Using the same print as before – chalk and charcoal filter – I ironed it onto calico.

Charcoal Xpandaprint was added to highlight some areas.

Free machined using a wide zig zag and rayon thread with a loose tension into the Xpandaprint and other areas. Used the Embellisher to catch down snippets of black organza which were then machined into.

Whole piece coated with watered down gesso.

When dry a layer of blue Quink writing ink was applied.

Then of course, I couldn’t resist it – I added bleach!

I find some of these close up photos fascinating.

For some reason the colour sometimes alters when I take photos at very close range, but occasionally they still look good.


Leanne Hurren said...

Love those close ups where you've added gesso, ink and bleach. Gorgeous colour and textures

Carol said...

Oooh the texture on this piece is wonderful, love every colour stage it went through

sue b said...

These are all fab! At every stage they looked great but they kept getting better and better with each photo. Really cool stuff!

MargaretR said...

I enjoyed looking at every stage of the work. Every stage looked special IMO.

Kim said...

Wonderful! It's great to see the progression. Very nice.

Micki said...

The transition of this piece is so interesting to see. Each new step adds so much more visual interest to it. Great job!