Monday, December 11, 2006

Slashed Tucks

Having looked at different types of tuck I decided to make a sample using the slashed tuck method. My aim was to end up with a piece that was totally slashed but the background pattern would still be discernible.
I wanted to use one of my ink and bleach sample photos as the background pattern. This is the one I chose.

To transfer the pattern to muslin I used Bubble Jet Set.

Following the instructions on the bottle, I soaked the fabric for 5 minutes and then left it to drip dry before ironing onto a piece of Reynolds freezer paper. I used a piece of muslin and a piece of organza. These were put through the inkjet printer. Unfortunately the printer decided to ‘eat’ the organza. If I use a fine piece of fabric again I will use masking tape to keep the edges in place.
This is the muslin when it came off the printer…

...and this is the organza - well, half of it anyway!

The fabrics were left for the required 30 minutes before beginning to sew on them. The ink on the organza just would not dry out properly – so I read the bottle again (properly) and realised that Bubble Jet Set will only work on cottons and silks, not on synthetic fibres!

The organza was placed over the muslin and both were backed with a piece of felted blanket. (I went through a stage where I was buying all the wool blankets from the local charity shops and dyeing and felting them before using for different projects.)

A size 100 twin needle was used with an antique gold rayon thread.
The whole piece was stitched before slashing. I only used the part of the organza which had actually been printed on the rest of the piece is just muslin. You can just about see the where the organza finishes on this photograph, just over half way across from the right.

The whole piece after slashing.

The muslin and organza section was slashed on every row.

With the muslin only piece I found that by slashing every row the pattern itself was just disappearing so I slashed the remainder on every other row.

Slashing every row (middle section) Slashing every other row. (bottom section)

I think the piece with organza shows up the pattern much better so I have now started to prepare a silk chiffon and muslin piece and also a muslin with plain organza over to see what effect I can achieve with these.

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