Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Recently I published a post ‘Transfer Printing 2‘ where I had used a transfer print, added Xpandaprint and machine stitching with embellished organza then covered with gesso and applied ink and bleach. This is the piece I ended up with. (Photo is a bit on the dark side)

Shortly after taking the photographs, I logged on to ‘Workshop on the Web’ and lo and behold there was an article by the late Val Campbell Harding called ‘Seeing Pink Elephants’ in which she was explaining a process very similar to what I had been doing!
So I quickly rinsed through the piece I had been working on, ready to start again.
Firstly I covered the stitching with white emulsion.

Couldn't resist putting in these close ups:

When this was dry, black Quink ink was applied. (VCH said it goes a greyish colour - well mine went a denim blue colour!)

Finally Treasure Gold was brushed over the top. (VCH used dry brushed gold paint - but I love my Treasure Gold!)

Yet more close ups:

Personally, I think it looks a lot better second time around.


Fiona said...

the closeup photos look wonderful. what are you going to do with all these fantastic samples? they look like they should be scrutinised, touched and stroked!

suebemail said...

okay I am loving that last sample - gorgeous! That treasure gold really highlights the surface texture.

Fran├žoise said...

The close-up pictures are incredible. The texture is so rich!
Beautiful work!

Dianne said...

This last piece is so beautiful! I just love the gold highlights.