Sunday, December 03, 2006

Purple Missus

I have been asked how I came up with the blog name ‘Purple Missus’.

When my eldest daughter was expecting her first child she asked me what I wanted to be called. Not too keen on being a ‘grandma’ I jokingly said the baby could call me Mrs M… This got shortened to Missus and it’s stuck. DH is known as Grumps – very fitting!
Libby the granddaughter, now aged 5, doesn’t seem to have a problem with everyone else having a Nan and a granddad when she has a Missus and Grumps.
She is at that age now when she thinks it’s hilarious to rhyme some of her words, you know the sort of thing I mean, Mummy-Wummy, Daddy-Waddy. The only problem is she has the unfortunate habit of singing ‘Missus P…..’. What do you say? While we are all desperately trying not to laugh we think its best just to ignore her and carry on. I hope she grows out of this stage very soon.
The purple came from Libbys favourite colour and a stick drawing she made of me (I should be so lucky).
Below are two collages I did for her almost 2 years ago in the Claudine Hellmuth style.
They were my first attempt, I think the one which now hangs in her bedroom is far better.

It would be interesting to find out how other people come up with the names for their blogs.


Anna Nowicki said...

Serendipity - my blog name actually refers to the doll in the picture on my profile - she is called Serendipity - she is covered with my life story and just happened!! I know what you mean about family nicknames - my dad is called Dee we even write cards to Dee (when we were little every one else took the Dad bit from Daddy whereas my brother and I took the end 'ddy' but write it Dee - he's been Dee for over 40 years and my children call him Dee too!!!

emmyschoonbeek said...

second time I try to comment
My blog name Cramzy is a mixture of names My name is EMMY I am a GRANNY and a little CRAZY about fiber .I mixed the names and this is what it is CRAMZY

I added your blog to my links

Rosalind said...

Mine is called "Down by the river" because that is where I live! :o)

We too had difficulties with the normal grandparent names and ended up as Pogle and Booglie. The names just came out of the air at a family meeting from heaven knows where! The funny thing is that kids have no problem but other adults give us a funny look :o))))