Sunday, December 10, 2006

Pin Tucks or not?

On a previous post I showed a sample of transfer printing and pin tucks.

My number one critic pointed out to me that they are not in fact pin tucks, more likely spaced tucks!
So, out came my manipulated fabric bible…

…I counted at least 33 different variations on the tuck stitching.

Just for fun I thought I would have a go at one or two of them.

There are seven basic types of standard tucks:

Pin Tucks

Spaced Tucks

Blind tucks

Graduated Tucks

Centred Tucks

Double Centred Tucks

and Tapered Tucks. Just for the record the others are:
Designer, Cross, Random, Mock Pin, Curved, Shell, Contoured, Keyhole, Satin-stitched Contoured, Slashed, Sharks Teeth, Snip-fringed, Ravelled-fringe, Undulating, Bow-tied, Cross stitched, Patterned, Cross tacked, Bubble, Cabled, Partially seamed, Released, Interrupted, Seamless, Cluster and Tied.

Below is a sample of undulating tuck.

I backed a piece of muslin onto cotton, machined rows of twin needle stitching (mock tucks), then slit up the centre of each row to make this ‘faux chenille’ type sample (slashed tucks).

O.K. so I got it wrong with my transfer printed sample, not pin tucks, but spaced tucks with undulating tucks!

Thank you anyway Ms Ann Onimus – if I knew who you were I would thank you personally – by inadvertently persuading me to make these few samples you have given me some interesting ideas for future use!


sue b said...

Good grief I had no idea there were so many variations of pin tucks. I don't have that book but I'm thinking I should add it to my library now.

Helen in the UK said...

What a great set of samples. You're really educating us on the possibilities of the humble tuck. Stitched texture is something I'm keen to explore more. Thanks for sharing :)

Kim said...

I love the book and have been meaning to work through it. All it takes is time...

Fiona said...

oh my goodness! love the undulating and the slashed samples. I'll definately have to unpack my sewing machine now!

StegArt said...

Wow, that's a lot of tucks. You must feel like the tuck queen now. That book looks interesting. Do you highly recommend it?

Anonymous said...

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