Saturday, December 16, 2006

'Back to the drawing board!'

Still working on developing the photographs taken of my ink and bleach samples, I used Bubble Jet Set to inkjet print onto calico.

I then did the same print onto Lutrador. This comes out a lot paler. I've not used Lutrador before so am not really sure about what I'm doing.

I placed the Lutrador on top of the calico, backed them both with pelmet Vilene and did a freehand zigzag stitch to highlight different areas.

I then ‘zapped’ the Lutrador. Big mistake!!

The background pattern on the calico showing through the melted Lutrador looks like it has been rescued from a bonfire!
As I said earlier, back to the drawing board on this one.

I shall try again but this time I will stitch only on the dark background areas and melt the Lutrador in the coloured areas, which as you can see from the original photos below will probably be more representational anyway.


Sue B said...

I just got some lutrador in the mail the other day but I haven't taken it out of the package yet. I'm looking forward to seeing your next expirements with it.

StegArt said...

I am enjoying your experimentation and while I don't always understand everything you are doing...still like viewing your results. Thanks for sharing.

Susan D said...

I'm enjoying looking at all your work. I'm thinking of doing a online C & G course sometime in the New Year, would you recommend it.

MargaretR said...

I love your experiments with the lutradur. I must get some of this to try out. Thanks for sharing.