Sunday, November 19, 2006

Transforming with Media

I have been working on an exercise in Module 1 called ‘Transforming with Media’.

This exercise requires you to transform fabrics and threads by the application of different types of media such as paint, PVA, varnish, filler, emulsion paint, acrylic paint or any other media you wish to experiment with using stitching or the setting powers of the medium to hold the fabric in place.

For my first batch of samples I have used gesso. I used a simple grid pattern for most of the samples using single and twin needle stitching.

All of these fabrics painted thickly with gesso could be moulded around a form and would hold their shape. They could be stitched before or after painting.

Organza - twin needle stitching

Net - twin needle stitching

Calico - Single and twin needle stitching, moulded into shape

Calico - Twin needle stitching

Thick yarn held in place by machine zig-zag stitching - front and back view

Calico with couched thin cotton thread

Cotton yarn laid on a plastic surface and covered thickly with gesso


A Colinette yarn stitched down in a grid pattern with a light layer of gesso on top

Close up of Colinette yarn

Muslin and gesso beads

These samples have all been mounted on A3 watercolour paper. I will make a book cover for all the pages of samples using book screws to fix so that I can add more pages as necessary. Hopefully the book will be mounted in such a way as to look like a carpet/fabric sample type book.


sue b said...

I've never considered gesso as a stiffener for fabric, but I will now! All of these samples are great, thanks for sharing them.

Anonymous said...

I love looking at all your samples, almost makes me want to do C&G again :)

Anonymous said...

I love using gessio to create textures... But never thought about using it to hold a form too !!

Which type of gesso were you using ?? I always buy the stuff in the tub so it ready to be spread like a thick paint =)

Very neat layout on you sample boards.

Anonymous said...

I'm definitely not a twee person either, but I had just bought this book in Chester last week. I am making paper dolls which I'm beginning to enjoy and thought it would be useful if I ran out of ideas! I'm also into Samurai Warriors. So needless to say I am enjoying your blog more day by day.