Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Roller printing

I’ve been playing around with roller printing and mono printing from acetate sheet.

I made a lino cutting of the bush clover pattern to print with. Had great fun with this. Haven’t done lino cutting for years. Only sliced my finger once!

With this first one I rollered Phthalo Blue (red shade) Golden Acrylic paint on one side of the page and Quinacridone Crimson on the other then printed the pattern on in the opposite colour. These colours do look so much darker for real.

I rolled this one down one side with Quinacridone Crimson and rolled it down the other side without re-inking it first then printed the shapes on and filled them in with gold drawing ink. At the bottom of page is a shape I filled in with pirate gold embossing powder.

For these two I tried monoprinting from the acetate sheet I was using. I stamped the shape into the paint before laying on the piece of paper. The paper I have used for all of these is heavy cartridge paper.

In the second of the two pictures above I rubbed over the top with a gold metallic crayon which picked up the edges of the pattern quite well. I had rolled the paint on the acetate quite thickly for this one so there is a nice texture to this print.

For these two prints I rolled the Quinacridone Crimson paint directly on to the page and then stamped the pattern on in the same colour. When dry I rubbed Treasure Gold on the righthand one and Treasure Pewter on the lefthand one. I then dipped a cloth in turpentine and rubbed over the top really hard. I was aiming for a sort of aged distressed look. Once again, they both look very different in my actual sketchbook.

This is a piece from my research project book based on the chain mail gauntlet. It’s made from Kunin felt on which I have machine stitched a grid pattern. I then put on more Kunin felt to make the shapes on top and machine embroidered very heavily on the two emblems before using a heat gun to ‘zap’ the fabric. I do like burning and distressing fabric, sometimes though I get a bit carried away.

This is one technique I would like to explore in more depth.

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Leanne Hurren said...

I love the red print with the gold image! Really nice design. When you zap kunin felt do you ever find it goes gooey? I tried it for the first time and I don't know if I had too much felt and not enough stitching but it went a bit like black toffee! I'm really impressed by the amount of work you get done! I have the day off and am surfing the web!