Friday, November 10, 2006

Research Project

I have created this blog primarily to record my progress on the City and Guilds Stitched Textiles Level 3 Diploma with Sian Martin at Distant Stitch.

My research project is 'Cover Story' and after making a mind map I decided on Samurai Armour for my first assessment piece.

This is the book I made for my research project

It's made from brown wrapping paper painted with acrylic paint. When dry I scrunched it up and flattened it out again. I rubbed over the top with treasure gold and then sealed it with acrylic wax. In the photo it looks very much like marbled paper but has in fact got a slightly raised texture to it.

I have used book screws to hold the pages so I can add more if and when I need to.

The photo inserts were scanned then inkjet printed onto canvas. They look really good. Close up they remind me of very fine needlepoint.

The pages were made by photocopying designs of Japanese patterns then pasting them on to watercolour paper. Tissue paper was then pasted on top. A light wash of acrylic Titan Buff colour was put on to make them look slightly aged and then acrylic wax on top to seal.
Each set of pages has a different pattern with an explanation on the back about the significance of the pattern.
I have extended each page by joining them to represent different types of fastenings used by the Samurai for their armour and underclothes.

This page shows my interpretation of the chain mail gauntlet and has been joined in the same way that would have been used to tie up the sleeve. Only difference is I used a three stitch machine knit cord and they would have used Kumihimo braids - which would have taken me forever to make!

The piece in the middle is machine knitted wire 'quilting'.

I cut bush clover shapes from foam, glued them onto watercolour paper, painted with acrylic and rubbed over with treasure gold. Cut them into rectangles. Used the double bed knitting machine to enclose them in seperate 'pockets'.
The pattern doesn't show up as well as I hoped. Perhaps I should have put a seperate pattern on each rectangle.

This is a (not very good) close up of the machine knitted wire.

If anyone machine knits and would like the instructions for this technique, just let me know.

Well, this is my first attempt at 'blogging'.
It has taken me ages to get it right - hopefully it gets easier with practice.


Anonymous said...

What an amazing technique with the inks and bleach! Perhaps not a new idea, but would not have thought of doing it myself, but am stunned by the results. Looking forward to seeing the next stage!!

Chelsey said...

I know this woman personally (she's my Mum!) but that's not why i think her work is fantastic! I just wanted to post that the pictures of the machine knitted wire and the research book on the Samurai really don't do her work justice as apart from anything, you can't see (or feel!) the texture in the pieces and i personally think this adds alot to a piece.But how can you show that in a photograph?!
Having said that, the picture quality of the ink and bleach effect is amazing - these are pieces i haven't yet seen so am looking forward to seeing the 'real' pieces at xmas.
Do you think I'll get a bigger xmas pressie now...? lol.

Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed your new blog. I used to be a machine knitting tutor at one time, but unfortuneately I needed the space for all the other things I have accumulated that I gave away my 3 machines and been sorry that I did not hang on to my 950i. I love that wire piece, but also the Samurai work. I did a project on the Samurai myself and I still love looking at images of them. I find something new and interesting each time I look. Your bleach and ink images based on the S.. are great.