Saturday, November 11, 2006

Research Project 2

I took a close up of the way the scales of armour are joined with braid on the helmet and made a textured piece from this.

I then made a pencil drawing from this which I enlarged.

I used a square viewfinder over the enlarged drawing and traced off different shapes which I outlined in black ink and stuck down. I brushed Golden Gel Medium lightly over the top to make the ink run slightly to give softer edges. Also tried some coloured versions.

Then made a piece from foam cut out shapes to represent the top row. This I took rubbings of, sometimes moving the paper in different directions.

I then went on to make a 3d model of my original textured piece. This is A2 size. It doesn't look very promising as it is, but I tried lots of different techniques and took over 250 digi photos - I'll post a handful of these next time. Some of the results were amazing. I probably won't be using any of them to research futher for this particular assessment but I have no doubt that I will use them at some stage in the future.

This DVD arrived recently from IndieArts and I've only just had a chance to look at it properly.It's really good. Lots of inspirational material. The opening chapter explains exactly what Indie Art is then there are interviews, featured artists, on location in Portland, Oregon and a chapter on Art Gallery Solo Shows featuring Janet Ghio, (Quilt Artist) Karen Landey and Donna Bauermiller(Book Artist) . I've subscribed for four issues. Take a look at the website - very interesting - lots of links.


Sharon Serrano Ahmed said...

Welcome to the world of blogging! I really wasn't sure about it either. It is a million times easier than a website. It is much more an online journal. Good lluck with it and I really appreciate your going through your process. It is very helpful. I am in a P & Q course, so it is great to see the other course!

Anonymous said...


Really enjoyed reading your research steps.

You talked about using a Square view finder?? What is it?

Good luck with the Blog. Adding you my List !