Monday, November 13, 2006

More of the 3D model

I covered the model with two layers of tissue paper then white gesso and white acrylic paint on top. I needed to put it on quite thickly to cover up the ink from the last piece.

I rubbed over the top with black oil pastel crayon then brushed scarlet drawing ink on top.

Once again I randomly drizzled bleach all over.

I used gesso to cover again then I pasted on a layer of tissue paper onto which I had traced the shape of the bush clover using black oil pastel crayon. I painted all over with blue Quink writing ink. In some places you could still see the red ink.

I then tried to bleach out just the bush clover shapes, but as I was working into wet ink – I don’t think the bleach has the same effect once the ink is dry – it proved to be very difficult. A friend on the Yahoo City & Guilds group has suggested using a bleach pen or bleach gel, neither of which I have heard of, so I am going to look into this.

These pictures were taken when the bleach and ink had dried and I had painted a layer of acrylic wax to seal it and try to stop the underneath layers from showing through.

Thats all for this time!

These are another couple of purchases I made at Ally Pally. Two CD’s from Gwen Hedley. I think one was about £6 and the other about £8 but to be honest I can’t really remember.

‘Surface and Structure’ is 124 printable images from the shoreline plus a tutorial on how to use the images. They cover Painted Metals, Just Rust, Paper & Fibre, Wood, Stone & Wall and Structures. Very good source material. You are allowed to print them out but obviously for your own use.

‘Elements of Change’ has 68 printable images. The CD includes Gwen Hedley’s Personal Statement, Images from her Shoreline, Beach Shelves and Relic Series with lots of close ups, source information and sketchbook work. Then finally, ‘The Collaborative Experiment’ where three embroiderers; Gwen Hedley, Janet Edmonds and Pat Clayton each started a piece of work with no finished result in mind, then passed it on to the next person who put their own touch to it. At the end the pieces were returned to their original maker who then worked on them again “to bring the sprit of the piece back into ownership”. Very interesting pieces.
I already have books by Janet Edmonds and Gwen Hedley, both of which I can recommend, so was familiar with their work but is was really good to see their more recent pieces from start to finish.

On the next posting I'll show the last of the work done to the 3D model - promise - but I did get very excited over some of the results. Some of the photos really do not show up too well and added to that, I am no David Bailey. I know there are a couple on this post - 11th and 12th ones down - which look very unpleasant at first glance, but I thought I would put them in anyway!!


Minnieknits said...

OK, Daughter No.2 checking in! (This will be the daughter who knits from patterns and does needlepoint from kits so I really don't 'get' what Mum does, but I admire her all the same.)
Hope you get lots of positive feedback from others who are as keen as you in this field.

Leanne Hurren said...

Do you have contct details for Gwen on the CDs as I would love to order one of these.