Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Last of the 3D Model

As I said in the last post, by the time I got to this stage the media I had used before just kept showing through regardless of how I tried to cover it. So I just sloshed some more scarlet drawing ink on top of the blue and added a bit more bleach here and there and even a touch of Indian yellow acrylic ink.

I then used my favourite thing of all times – ‘Treasure Gold’. At first I just rubbed it lightly over the top, took a few photographs...

......then got carried away and rubbed it all over!

The model was really on its last legs by now so I used some strips of modrock to try and take a cast, but as with all things, I ran out before I could build up a thick enough layer.
So I’ve left the model out in the garage for a few weeks to see if it will dry off enough for me to overpaint it with something else and keep as a finished piece. I thought maybe black gesso with red bush clover and highlights of gold or maybe white gesso, black bush clover and red highlights or maybe ……?

Something else from my Ally Pally Stash:

Breakdown Printing and Tray Dyeing

from Claire Benn and Leslie Morgan of Committed to Cloth.

Tray Dyeing published in 2006. It explains how to pack cloth into a tray, pour over single dye or multiple colours and leaving the dye to work its magic. Everything is explained really well and there are lots of yummy photos.

Breakdown Printing, the first book published in 2005 is basically about printing using Procion Dyes and a silk screen. Its about applying thick dye paints to the back of the screen, letting it dry off and printing off with more dye paint. It all looks deliciously messy and something as yet I haven’t been able to try out – my workroom isn’t big enough and I’m still waiting for the garage to be turned into a ‘wet room’.

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Absolutely fantastic ! Wow so inspirational. Anna Nowicki