Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Embellisher

On Sunday during my dyeing session I decided to get my Babylock Embellisher out of its box (and it’s polystyrene packing!) where it has been since I brought it home with me from Ally Pally in 2005! I must give a mention here to Sue Bleiweiss whose blog really inspired me to make a start with this machine.
I have recently bought a book by Myfanwy Hart called ‘The Embellisher: Lets Get Started!’ and decided to work through some of it. It’s a good, easy to understand book for a beginner. Myfanwy appears to be the authority on embellishing in the UK, she trades as Winfred Cottage, has several different blogs and runs a Yahoo group – Embellisher Art Postcards.

This was my first attempt.

A white felt base with snippets of organza and yarn from Colinette Yarns. I think I will now add some hand stitching to complete it.

I then went on to make another one with layered organza so that I could zap it.
Overall the piece didn’t really work but I thought some of the close up photos I took looked quite interesting.

What amazes me about some of these pieces is that it looks like I have used an open weave fabric when they are in fact chiffon.

Given time I will practise some more. I think it could soon become very addictive.


sue b said...

These look great! I have been finding that I get a better result when I work in smaller pieces. I tried to do a large piece all at once and all I made was a mess but when I cut it up into smaller pieces and worked from those I was much happier with the result. It is very addicting once you get started playing with it!

emmyschoonbeek said...

I am working with the embellisher some time now it is so much fun but i wonder what is the stuff on top of the fabrick it looks like plastic .
maybe you want to see what I ame doing

NuvoFelt said...

Thank you for your kind comments! The machine is addictive, isn't it! Love these first attempts. Well done

textilesqueen said...

Have received an emelisher machine as a Christmas present and not tried it out yet. Was looking on the internet for a good course to attend and accessed your blog in my search. Now I can't wait to get the machine out of the box!!!!!