Monday, November 27, 2006

Drawing Practise

My tutor, Sian Martin, suggested that I practise my drawing technique. I’m afraid this is one of my downfalls. I have been trying to draw from a still life object following the exercises recommended by Sian – it hasn’t been easy. When I’m brave enough I shall post some of them here.
In the meantime, after a posting about another fairy book, I got this book out yesterday and decided to have a go.

Here are some of my efforts.

I then went on to draw and paint this in watercolour.

Are you thinking at last a still life?

Wrong I'm afraid – it’s from the Laura Ashley wallpaper in the spare room! :)

It took me most of the day, on and off, to do all these. The phrase ‘displacement activity’ keeps springing to mind!!!


Anna Nowicki said...

Your drawing as your other sampling is just great !! Keep it up. I remember Sian pushing me to draw too but I somehow managed to sidestep!! Anna

Anna Nowicki said...

PS - forgot to say I love fairies too! Anna

MargaretR said...

Hi PM. I think your drawing is great, so don't worry, it will just get better and better as you gain confidence. BTW, I will exchange a fairy card with you any time you like. You might just have to wait a little bit for it, but then you might not have to wait(smile). Like you, I do a lot of displacement activities!

marion said...

A stray comment. Drawing is a skill. You get better with practice. Draw every day, every chance you get, including standing in queues or waiting at the dentists/doctors/whatever. Trust me, nobody pays the slightest bit of attention!