Friday, November 24, 2006

Bushclover Part 1

I have been working on the bushclover pattern that I used for the lino printing pieces. Below are some of the samples I have produced.

These patterns have been traced on to handmade paper and coloured in with acrylic inks in a marine blue, flame red and an Indian yellow. The outer edges were dampened then black acrylic ink was brushed along the wet edge.

I have been looking at the scales of the armour plate and the kumihimo cord bindings which held them together.

This is the lacing on the underside of the detachable armoured sleeve (kote), made with a single cord.

The scales were made of lacquered leather. The most popular material to use was wild dog skin. I cut mine out of card!!!

These three have all been finished in different ways. The colours are not right, I used what I had at the time, it is the finish that I was trying to achieve.

The first one has the bush clover pattern cut from foam and glued on the top. Oil pastel crayon was then applied thickly on the shapes. I wanted this to act as a resist but the acrylic paint was applied too thickly and covered the oil pastel completely.

The second one also has the raised pattern cut from foam. Once glued on, tissue paper was then glued over the top, painted with acrylic inks then rubbed with treasure gold. The colours on this one are totally wrong but I do like the texture.

This close up shows more of the texture.

The last of these samples was first painted with acrylic. Tissue paper which had the bush clover pattern drawn on in oil pastel was stuck on top while the paint was still wet then a light wash of the same colour acrylic was brushed over the top.


Leanne Hurren said...

Really like this pattern and love sample number 2! The texture is gorgeous and I love the colours (even if they are wrong for your project)

Fran├žoise said...

These samples look so good!
Well done.

Anna Nowicki said...

Your work is just the best ever. I'm sure Sian would approve!! I took both Part 1 and Part 2 c&G with Sian, P1 by Correspondence and P2 at Urchfont. Your work is brilliant.
Anna NOwicki